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Brother Birthday - Stanley

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Front of card:
Happy Birthday Brother
Stanley the Hedgehog was very sad because he wanted to go to his Brother's birthday party,
and his Brother lived on the other side of the busy main road. How to get there?
One day he saw a circus poster advertising 'The Human Cannonball'.
'That's it' thought Stanley, 'I'll fire myself across the road and avoid all the traffic!'
He arranged to borrow the cannon from the circus, and soon his preparations were complete.
He felt a little nervous as he climbed into the giant gun barrel, but he was confident he would get across the road safely, and be able to go to the party.
His friend Roger started the countdown:
'5-4-3-2-1... ...ZERO!'
Then he lit the fuse. There was a loud bang, and a tiny figure hurtled out of the cannon...
Message inside:
...Hope your day is better
than Stanley's!
Size of card: 160x230mm approx.

Range: Paper House
Publisher: The Great British Card Company