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Humour Card - Arnold the Hippopotamus

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Front of card:
Arnold the Hippopotamus was afraid of heights. He had always been afraid of heights.
He discussed the problem with his friend Neville.
What you need is aversion therapy said Neville.
What's that? asked Arnold.
Well, side Neville, It's al about facing up to your problem, and overcoming it by doing something that really frightens you
I see, gulped Arnold.
How about doing a bunjee jump? suggested Neville.
Arnold went pale. I couldn't do that, he said.
You could!
I couldn't!
You could!
So eventually, after much persuasion, Arnold found himself on top of a 200 foot tower with two pieces of stout elastic tied round his ankles.
Ready....Jump! shouted Neville.
Arnold took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and jumped...
Message inside:
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Size of card: 127x176mm approx.

Range: Paper House Card Factory
Publisher: The Great British Card Company