Congratulations Card - Congratulations - You've Done It, Not Me Not Him!

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Verse on front of the card
Well done you
You've done it...
not me not him,
not that woman up the road,
not that really irritating kid at school
who always came top in everything,
not even Carol Vorderman
...but you.
All on your own. Just YOUR mind,
YOUR body, YOUR Intuition,
YOUR had work, YOUR energy...
YOUR blood, sweat and tears.
I'm soooo pleased for you.
Verse inside the card
Of course, a truly modest, humble,
unpretentious, self -effacing person
would have kept news of their achievement
to themselves, rather than feeling the necessity
to be at the centre of attention...
...but I guess nobody's perfect
Size of card: 125x205mm approx.

Range: Wordies
Publisher: Splimple